Alejandra C. Vivas, M.D.


I. Personal

Place of birth:           Austin, TX, United States of America

Professional title:       Board certified Dermatologist


II. Medical Training

Jul 2014 – Jun 2016    Dermatology residency (PGY-3 and 4), University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, Miami, FL. USA.

Jul 2013 – Jun 2014     Dermatology residency (PGY-2), University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. USA.

Jul 2008 – Jun 2009     Internal Medicine Internship. Cleveland Clinic Florida, Weston, FL, USA.

Oct 1998 – Dec 2004   Medical Doctor, Central University of Venezuela, Luis Razetti School of Medicine, Caracas, Venezuela. Graduated with honors, rank in class: 11th out of 230 graduates.


III. Research

Aug 2009 – Jun 2013  Clinical Research Fellowship (Post-Doctoral Research Associate and Clinical Sub- Investigator) in Wound Healing. Mentor: Dr. Robert S. Kirsner. University of Miami, Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery, Miami, FL.


IV. Publications

1) Sáenz AM, Cirocco A, Gómez A, Vivas A et al.  Psoriasis in children: A retrospective study between 1989 and 2003 in the pediatric consultation of the Dermatologic service of Caracas University Hospital. Dermatología Venezolana. 2004;42(4)T-18:34.

2) Sáenz AM, Cirocco A, Gómez A, Vivas A et al. Lichen Planus in children in the pediatric consultation of the Caracas University Hospital from 1989 to 2003. Dermatol Pediatr Lat. 2007;5(2):107-9.

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Book Chapters

1) Viera MH, Vivas A, Burdick A. Teledermatologia: Experiencia en Estados Unidos y Latinoamerica. Dermatologia Ibero-Americana online. Ed: A. Rondón, JR. Antonio, J. Piquero, R. Pérez, CR. Antonio, N. Rondón, 2011;122:1-13. <>

2) Viera MH, Vivas A, Berman B. Chapter 11- Treatment of Keloids and Scars. Ethnic Dermatology: Principles and Practice. Ophelia E. Dadzie, Antoine Petit, Andrew F. Alexis ISBN: 978-0-470-65857-4

March 25, 2013; Wiley-Blackwell.

3) Vivas A, Keri J. Steatocystoma multiplex. Acneiform Eruptions in Dermatology: A Differential Diagnosis. Springer Clinical Medicine. In press.

4) Vivas A, Maderal AD. Chronic lower extremity ulcers. Internal Medicine Board Review Book: Dermatology Section, <>. In press.


V. Poster Presentations

– Escandon J, Vivas A, Kirsner RS., Davis S. MIST® Therapy in refractory venous leg ulcers. Presented at the 2010 Fall Symposium on Advanced Wound Care, Orlando, FL, Sep 2010.

– Escandon J, Vivas A, Keegan B, Weinstein D, Bonilla-Martinez Z, Tang JC, Miteva M, Romanelli P, Kirsner RS. Tumor necrosis factor alpha and recalcitrant venous leg ulcers: a pilot study to determine the effect of anti TNF alpha therapy. Presented at the 2011 Symposium on Advanced Wound Care.

Vivas A, Maderal AD, Escandon J, Tang J, Kirsner RS, Cargill I, Slade H. An open label, randomized, controlled, evaluator blinded study of the effect of topically applied polymerized fibrin, on healing of induced thermal wounds. Presented at the 2012 Symposium on Advanced Wound Care, Atlanta, Georgia, April 2012.

– Landon JN, Stojadinovic O, Escandon J, Vivas A, Tang J, Maderal A, Gordon KA, Espinosa A, Kirsner R, Tomic-Canic M. Quality of specimen acquisition determines histopathology of diabetic foot ulcers. Presented at 2012 Spring Symposium on Advanced Wound Care, Atlanta, Georgia, 2012.

Vivas A, Braun L, Richmond N, Espinosa A, Kirsner RS. Cryo-induced Thermal Wounds: A Human Wound Model. Accepted for the 2013 Spring Symposium on Advanced Wound Care.

– Richmond N, Vivas A, Braun L, Lamel S, Espinosa A, Slade HB, Kirsner RS. The Effect of Ankle Range of Motion on Venous Ulcer Healing Rates. Accepted for the 2013 Spring Symposium on Advanced Wound Care.

– Braun L, Richmond N, Vivas A, Lamel S, Kirsner RS. Topical Timolol for Recalcitrant Wounds. Submited to the 2013 Spring Symposium on Advanced Wound Care. Accepted for the 2013 Spring Symposium on Advanced Wound Care.


VI. National Conference Presentations

Sep 2012                     “Emerging therapies for diabetic foot ulcers”, Symposium of Advanced Wound Care Fall, September 12, 2012. Baltimore, USA

Sep 2013                     “Literature Review- Top Articles of the Past Year”, Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Fall, September 29, 2013. Las Vegas, USA

Jun 2015                      “Patient’s training and role on prevention and management of diabetic foot ulcers,
U.S. perspective” A life that is born makes life grow. Cord blood: current experiences and future programs, June 5, 2015. Milan, Italy


VII. Editorial Responsibilities

2011                            Reviewer for Dermatologic Surgery Journal, International Wound Journal and Journal of Functional Biomaterials.

2012                            Reviewer for TransPerfect Translations. Life Science Practice Group.


VIII. Volunteer Experience

Sep 2011- Jun 2016    Pan-American Virtual Conferences in Dermatology (PVCID). Telehealth Department, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, FL. International liaison.

Feb 2011-Jun 2016     Psoriasis Biologic Clinic, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL. Clinical coordinator for Dr. Paolo Romanelli.

Feb-Mar 2010             Haiti earthquake relief. Project Medishare/UM, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Volunteer relief work in the Wound Care Team.

2009-Present               Camillus House Health Initiative (homeless shelter clinic), Dermatology Clinic, Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery, University of Miami, Miami, FL. Medical assistant.

Jan-Mar 2008              Jackson Memorial, Miami, FL. Observership in Internal Medicine and Physical and Rehabilitation, William J. Harrington Program.

Aug-Oct 2007             Cleveland Clinic Florida, Miami, F. Observership in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology.

Oct-Nov 2006             South Miami Hospital, Miami, FL.  Observership in Infectious Diseases.

2004                            Penitentiary Program, at El Rodeo II and La Planta Penal Centers, Caracas, Venezuela. Medical Assistant.

2004                            Rural rotation at Maniapure (a small underserved indigenous community), Bolivar, Venezuela.  Medical Assistant.


IX. Honors/Awards

Central University of Venezuela, Luis Razetti School of Medicine.

Jul 17 2016     Excellence in Dermatologic surgery

2004                “School of Medicine Luis Razetti award”.  Graduated with honors for excellence in academic and extracurricular activities.

2004                “Student’s Merit Award”. Successful completion of voluntary medical social work in El Rodeo II and La Planta Prisons. Venezuela Penitentiary Program.

2000                “Dr. Jose Izquierdo” Merit award for outstanding performance in Anatomy.

1999-2000       Honorable Mention for highest grade in Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, and Histology.


X. Memberships

2016- present              American Academy of Dermatology

2004-Present               Colegio de Médicos de D.F. Caracas, Venezuela


XI. Languages

Fluent in English and Spanish.